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Guns-Safety Even for Non-shooters

Posted by TuriRhen on August 8, 2014 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (34)

I am fairly neutral when it comes to guns. By this I mean I believe in the right to bear arms, but think restrictions need to be in place to minimize the chances of guns getting in the hands of known criminals or those who are mentally unstable.

For safety’s sake, I believe it is important for everyone to understand the way guns work, the capabilities of different types of guns, and how to safely handle a gun. In addition, I think it would be helpful to learn self-defense skills, including communication and negotiation. Daniel McElrath, Managing Editor of Shooting Illustrated believes, “The basics of gun safety are for everyone, regardless of experience level.”

Last fall, a bear was on the porch of our cottage. I asked why my boyfriend didn’t shoot it. He said the rifle he had at the cottage was not the right type. It would be the equivalent of a B B gun because the bear has such a thick coat and skin.

I then became curious about the different types of guns. We went to a sporting goods store and looked at the different types of guns. I learned the distance I would have to be from an attacker in order to use a small hand gun. I learned about the bullets and magazines and reloading. There are many sizes and options when it comes to firearms.

A wild animal is scary, but what about an intruder? What would I do? What am I capable of doing? What can I legally do to protect myself? My boyfriend is very knowledgeable and I trust him. However, it is recommended to take classes from an outside professional, not a friend or relative. I compare this to a doctor treating his family members.

There are many reputable hunter safety courses available. In addition, often shooting ranges offer classes. Hopefully, you will never encounter a gun pointed at you, or have the need to use one for protection. Education is power and can save your life, with or without a fire-arm.


Five safety questions to consider before moving to a new neighborhood.

Posted by TuriRhen on August 4, 2014 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I am in the market for a new home. My top priority is to find a neighborhood that I will feel safe. Based on some past experience and research, the following is a list of things to consider before moving into a neighborhood.

1. Reputation – Check for police reports related to the neighborhood. Is there a lot of police activity?

2. Walk through the neighborhood. Do you feel safe? Does anything or anyone make you feel uncomfortable?

3. Are the homes and yards in the neighborhood well maintained?

4. Drive by in the evening. Is the street well lit?

5. Talk to neighbors. Look for anyone who has lived in the neighborhood for a long time. They tend to like to tell the history of the neighborhood.

If you are not comfortable with any of the five points above, continue your search.